A radical rethink of homelessness

Helphouseher.org is a grassroots movement changing the narrative around homelessness. Run by women for women. Creating a future where we help find housing solutions for all women.

More than a million people are homeless in America tonight. The shelters need our help. But, more importantly, low cost permanent homes need to be provided.


Meet the founder - director Sonja Philips

Sonja Phillips is a writer and director based between London and Los Angeles. She has been successfully working in broadcast and commercials for the past 20 years.

Since driving aid to Bosnia during the war, Sonja has continued to work raising donations for refugees in Calais and cooking in homeless shelters in England.

After moving to Los Angeles, Sonja volunteered with outreach workers on Skid Row and the homeless encampments in the valley. After hearing harrowing personal stories from the women she met there, she was compelled to raise awareness of just how easy it is to end up on the streets and just how perilous the situation is.

What began as a simple way to connect with the women she met has transformed into a series of films and a movement involving volunteers all over the world.

Sonja’s drama debut, The Knickerman (2005), won her best film at the L.A. Short Film Festival, and led to the creation of Andsome Films, her own production platform. She repeated her success with her second fiction short The Pond.

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