Donate to a local shelter

A lack of funding for shelters means more and more families are living in their cars or on the streets.

The shelters need our help right now. If we don’t help them, there’s no one else coming. We don’t want your money. We’d like you to donate directly to your local shelter.

We have put together a list of shelters we know are doing good work and desperately need your help. Please help with any donation you can afford. 

The links below will take you to a donation page on the shelter’s website where you can donate directly to your chosen shelter.

Click the city name below to see a list of shelters in that city that we know are doing good work and desperately need your help

Los Angeles     San Fransisco     Seattle     Detroit     Philadelphia     New York      Boston 

Los Angeles

San Francisco & Santa Clara




New York


Help us to spread the message of these films by using the hashtags #HerToo and #HelpHouseHer.

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