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Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

It is time to get active, to get involved, to come together with like-minded people and step forward as one to create the change we need and deserve. 

Here are five ways you can help make the change.

Join us on Facebook

We have an active Facebook group that’s growing every day. This is your first stop for everything related to the campaign. Here you can meet the campaigners and activists working to create change.

Donate to a local shelter

The shelters really need our help right now. Please donate direct to your local shelter. We have compiled a list of shelters in your area that we know are doing great work.

Watch and share our films

We’ve seen first-hand just how powerful these films can be. Opinions can be changed immediately upon watching them. Share them with your friends and neighbours.

Get involved with local advocates

We have put together a list of great organizations doing important work in cities across America who will welcome your involvement.

Petition your Senator

It’s easier than you’d think and should take less than five minutes. We’ve put together some handy resources for you and we’ve even written the email.

Get involved

Get involved with your local advocates.

We have been left to develop the solutions to homelessness ourselves. It is time to get active, get involved, come together and step forward as one to create the change.

We have put together a list of great organizations doing important work that will welcome your involvement.

What else can I do to help?

The credit system in America is flawed. Without a good credit rating you can’t rent anywhere to live. If you can’t find somewhere to live, you end up on the streets. Once you end up on the streets you can’t get a job because you have no fixed address. This is just one of the reasons it is so difficult to get back into housing for people who get into debt or lose their job. 

Please petition your Senator to make it easier for people to get affordable low income housing. Use the button below to find out your senator’s email address

We’ve put together an example of what you might say in an email to your senator. Feel free put your own spin on this, or use it as is.

Dear Senator,

As someone in your district who is deeply concerned about the safety of homeless women, I am urging you to take action to provide safe, sheltered accommodation for the increasing number of women on our streets.

Too often we see headlines such as: “America Doing a Poor Job on Homeless Crisis”. The economy is thriving. There is no reason we cannot help house these women.

  • 85% of women living on streets have been assaulted, beaten or raped 
  • People living on the streets are unable to work as they don’t have a registered address
  • The majority of women living on the streets lose contact with their families so they have no one to protect them and look out for them

The long term solution is building more affordable housing and giving homeless people access to renting, even with a low credit rating. What are you personally doing to help?

In a year when more women have been elected to Congress than ever before, it is time to take action. I beg you to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Help us to spread the message of these films by using the hashtags #HerToo and #HelpHouseHer.

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