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Watch #HerToo

A short film about the lives of 7 women.
By Sonja Phillips.

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Kelli's Story

Kelli was living her dream life as a dancer until one day she had a tragic accident.

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Kristina's Story

Kristina loved music and spending time at the beach as a child. When her parents died she was passed around family members and care homes.

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Donna's Story

Donna tells us about her love of photography and animals when she was growing up. Little did she know what would happen when life threw her a curveball.

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Clarissa's Story

Clarissa suffered years of abuse from her husband, when she finally left him, she found herself on the streets.


Thank you to Chelsea, Clarissa, Donna, Kelli, Kristina & Shelley for sharing their stories so honestly.

Help us to spread the message of these films by using the hashtags #HerToo and #HelpHouseHer.

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