Homelessness can happen to anyone

Tonight in America more than half a million people are homeless.

in America

Anyone can become homeless in America. We desperately need more housing.

HelpHouseHer.org is a grassroots homeless action group. Run by women for women. We are changing the narrative around homelessness.

Perhaps you have seen our film and want to know how you can help. There are many ways you can get involved, not only financial. So please do as much or as little as you can.

Every action counts.  Every act of kindness helps.

Donna's Story

Donna tells us about her love of photography and animals growing up. Little did she know what would happen to her when life threw her a curveball.

Find a place to stay

The Homeless Shelter Directory is the most complete list of homeless shelters in the United States. It contains the contact details of more than 3,000 homeless shelters.

The Homeless Shelter Directory is the best site we could find when it comes to listing shelters, soup kitchens, rent assistance and other resources.

Kristina's Story

Kristina loved music and spending time at the beach as a child. When her parents died she was passed around family members and care homes.

Donate to a shelter

A lack of funding for shelters means more and more families are living in their cars or on the streets.

The shelters need our help right now. If we don’t help them, there’s no one else coming. Please help with any donation you can afford. The links below will take you to a donation page on the shelter’s website where you can donate directly to your chosen shelter.

Click the city name below to see a list of shelters in that city that we know are doing good work and desperately need your help

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Get involved

Organisations helping homeless women.

The situation is such that if we are going to find solutions, we’re going to have to find them for ourselves.
It is no longer enough to sit back and complain that someone else needs to fix things. It’s time to come together, step forward as one and make change happen.

What else can I do to help?

The credit system in America is failing its people. Without a good credit rating you can’t rent anywhere to live. If you can’t find somewhere to live, you end up on the streets.

This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to get back into housing if you ever get into debt or lose your job. 

Please petition your Senator to make it easier for people to get affordable low income housing.

Use the button below to find out your senator’s email address

Now you have their contact details, use them. We’ve put together an example of what you might like to write to your senator. Feel free put your own spin on this, or lift it as is.

Dear Senator, As someone in your district who is deeply concerned about the safety of homeless women, I am urging you to take action to provide safe, sheltered accommodation for the increasing number of women on our streets.

Too often we see headlines such as: “America Doing a Poor Job on Homeless Crisis”. The economy is thriving. There is no reason we cannot help house these women.

  • 85% of women living on streets are assaulted, beaten or raped on a regular basis
  • People living on the streets are unable to work as they don’t have a registered address
  • The majority of women living on the streets lose contact with their families so they have no one to protect them and look out for them
The long term solution is building more affordable housing and giving homeless people access to renting, even with a low credit rating. What are you personally doing to help?

In a year when more women have been elected to Congress than ever before, it is time to take action. I beg you to do so.

Yours sincerely,

About the Movie

Sonja Phillips is a writer and director based between London and Los Angeles. She has been successfully working in broadcast and commercials for the past 20 years.

Her drama debut, The Knickerman (2005), won her best film at the L.A. Short Film Festival, and led to the creation of Andsome Films, her own production platform. She repeated her success with her second fiction short The Pond.

Since driving aid to Bosnia during the war, Sonja has continued her humanitarian work raising donations for the refugees in Calais and cooking in homeless shelters in England.

After moving to Los Angeles, Sonja volunteered with outreach workers on Skid Row and the encampments in the valley, and after hearing harrowing personal stories from the women, she was compelled to raise awareness to how easy it is to lose everything and just how dangerous it is sleeping out on the streets.

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